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Patient Safety

At Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center (RWBAHC),

Your safety is our priority!  Everyone has a role in making health care safe. You, as the patient, can play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed participant of your health care team.



You are the center of the health care team.


You have the right to know about your care and be involved in your care. We encourage you to review this simple advice on patient safety to help us ensure a safer health care experience for you. Speak up if you have questions or concerns and participate in all decisions about your care.





Educate Yourself on your Diagnosis, Medical Tests

you are Undergoing, and your Treatment Plan


If you are having surgery, make sure that you, your doctor, and your surgeon all agree clearly on exactly what will be done and ask to assist with marking the area that is to be operated on, when able.


Make sure you know who is in charge of your care. This is especially important when many people are involved in your treatment, or when you have many health problems.


Speak up if you have questions or concerns, and if you don’t understand, ask again. We encourage you to discuss your questions and concerns with your physician or any member of your health care team.


If you can, ask a family member or friend to be there with you and to be your advocate. It is important to have someone who can help get things done and speak up for you if you can’t.


Pay Attention to the Care you are Receiving

Know your health care professionals. All RWBAHC Employees – doctors, nurses, and other staff – wear a photo identification badge while on duty. If youre not sure who someone is or what their role is, please ask.


Clean your hands – require that your caregivers do the same. Clean hands prevent the spread of infection and help save lives. We encourage you to remind your caregivers to clean their hands.


Make sure your caregiver confirms who you are, that is, asks your full name, and date of birth before he or she administers a medication or treatment.


Know Your Medications

Recognize your Medication. If the medications you are given do not look familiar, speak up and alert your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.

Make sure that all of your doctors know all the medications you are taking. This includes prescription and over-the counter medicines, and dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbs.


Make sure your doctor, nurse, and pharmacist know about any allergies and adverse reactions you have had to medications.


Ask for information about your medications in terms you can understand–both when your medicines are prescribed and when you receive them.


Thanks for joining our Partnership!


RWBAHC physicians and staff are proud of the high quality care that we deliver to our patients. We acknowledge that while we do provide the best care possible, to err is human. We appreciate your partnering with us to make sure you have the positive experience that patients have come to expect from RWBAHC.

Something seem unsafe? See something we’ve missed or something we can do better? Please let us know, we want to hear about it. We welcome your concerns and questions and encourage you to express them to your physicians, nurses, and other staff as they will know whom to contact to correct the situation.


How to reach us:


Call or email the Patient Safety Manager at any time and anonymously report your safety concern.
Dial (520) 533-8115.
Email: rwbpatientsafety@amedd.army.mil

Information is adapted from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality http://www.ahrq.gov/consumer/20tips.htm.


Contact the Joint Commission, Office of Quality Monitoring if you feel your concerns about patient care and safety have not been adequately addressed by RWBAHC. Call (800) 994-6610, Email:complaint@jointcommission.org, Fax: (630) 792-5636, or write to: Division of Accreditation Operations, Office of Quality Monitoring-Joint Commission-One Renaissance Boulevard, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181.